Dual Motor Standard

This movement offers independent leg rest and back rest functions providing unlimited positions for added comfort.

Dual Motor Standard

  • Made to Measure
    Because your comfort needs are unique
  • Huge Range of Fabrics
    Including healthcare options
  • Range of Movements
    To suit comfort and wellbeing
  • Weight
    Up to 20 stone weight capacity

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Why choose a Dual Motor Standard chair mechanism

The dual motor standard Rise and Recline chair offers you greater flexibility in your positioning. This is because the movement can adjust the back rest and the leg rest independently, to the seat itself. This makes it suitable for users who cannot tolerate friction on the elbows and wrists, because the arms of the chair remain fixed with the seat position.

The standard dual motor movement means you can lay close to flat on your chair. This functionality is suitable for users who have skeletal issues, and need regular alterations in position. This is most suitable for users who can reposition themselves.


Dual Motor Standard Dimensions

Weight Capacity Seat Height Seat Width
16 17 18 19 20 21 18 19 20 21 22

20 Stone

Seat depth available 17"-21"