Single Motor Tilt-in-Space

Great comfort plus good for circulation and pressure relief as the users ankles elevate higher than the hips – much more then helping you out of the chair!

Single Motor Tilt-in-Space

  • Made to Measure
    Because your comfort needs are unique
  • Huge Range of Fabrics
    Including healthcare options
  • Range of Movements
    To suit comfort and wellbeing
  • Weight
    Up to 25 stone weight capacity

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Why choose a Single Motor Tilt-in-Space chair mechanism

The single motor tilt-in-space rise and recline chair mechanism is ideal for users who cannot reposition themselves. It eliminates shear forces on the users back, provides a seat “ramp” to reduce the tendency to slip forwards in the chair. The single motor tilt-in-space keeps the hip angle exactly the same and pivots the chair back to spread your body weight.

The single motor tilt-in-space is used to give you the ability to tilt backwards and change your centre of gravity, helping reduce the chance of pressure injuries. This movement also reduces the chances of you suffering from friction or shear when the chair is moving. A huge benefit for anyone with pressure sores. The single motor tilt-in-space can also elevate your ankles higher than your hips whilst maintaining the hip and knee angles. This is ideal for people who have bad circulation or swollen feet. The single motor tilt-in-space is operated through an easy to use handset on the chair.

Single Motor Tilt-in-Space Dimensions

Weight Capacity Seat Height Seat Width
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 18 20 22

20 Stone

25 Stone Val


Seat depth available 17"-21"