Riser Recliner Chairs

Put your feet up and relax with our range of made to measure riser recliner chairs, that are made to fit your personal needs. Take a look at our range of chairs below and find a stockist near you.

  • Our chairs offer great support, helping to assist with movability and maximise your independence
  • Completely custom built adjustable chairs for you or your loved one
  • These modern, functional and stylish comfort chairs come in a wide range of fabrics
  • Each electric riser recliner chair is bespoke; specially made with your comfort in mind

Riser Recliner Chairs Collection

Are you sitting comfortably?

Our riser recliner chairs are custom built to meet your needs. View our range of riser recliner chairs below and find your nearest stockist.

Modern, contemporary design

Contemporary and functional

Modern, Stylish Design, Complements Most Room Settings

Supportive Design, easily adaptable to individual requirements

Contemporary Design, Luxurious Comfort

Versatile Design, Specialised Spinal Support

Traditional Styling, Simplistic Elegance

Bespoke Comfort, Flexible Support

Sumptuous Style, Timeless Beauty

Specialist Design, Powerful Movement

Versatile, Comfortable Chair, Tilt-in-Space Action, Electrical or Manual