Wall Hugger Recliners

Riser recliner chairs are the perfect tool for aiding mobility in the home, however, due to the complex mechanisms involved, they often take up precious space. Luckily, the Wall Hugger riser recliner mechanism can help alleviate this problem.

Wall hugger riser recliners retain all the benefits of standard riser recliner chairs, but they require less clearance space, usually needing space of only 4 inches from the wall. As a result, there’s more space made available, and the chair can be placed into tighter spaces, making it ideal the ideal riser recliner mechanism for any size room.

To see it in action, watch our Wall Hugger mechanism video below:

Benefits of the Wall Hugger mechanism:

  • Fits into smaller areas
  • Retains benefits found in other riser recliner chair mechanisms
  • Can free-up more space in larger rooms
  • Prevents you feeling like you’ll slip off of the chair with “flat lift technology”

To find out more about the Wall Hugger mechanism, view our range of bespoke riser recliner chairs, available in 100s fabrics, including leather.